Asymmetric Creativity

Asymmetrical Creativity is a modern term applied to an old idea. Generations referred to the Muses, those goddesses responsible for poetry, arts and science. No doubt you’ve even referred to a person or perhaps a musician as a muse, someone who ignites your creativity, through words, song or simple presence.

Asymmetric creativity is the incarnation of the muse in the 21st century. It is unique in that is pulls from a dizzying number of sources, disciplines and media to collide in the artist or writer’s brain. For me, I have realized like a lightning bolt, that each inspiration hauls a different weight to the hill or carries a special weapon in the battle of creativity, thus the asymmetry of creative influence. Some weigh more than others, some cut deeper, some need just a glancing blow, these sources of creative inspiration. They rarely, if ever, match up in breadth of influence, but they all play a part in the combat that produces a work of art or story.

History- from archaeology to folklore studies- detail the base map of my inspiration. Reading, watching and learning about the facets of our collective history in detail and minutia, have inspired me to write more fiction than anything else. In asymmetric creativity, the world of the real outweighs all others. Yet, look at the vibrancy or energetic freedom of my current creative state, and you will find a greater variety of smaller, potent influences. Comic books, Anime from Japan or films from around the world, each influence an aesthetic choice made by me. These are the wildly differing influences that are too numerous to list in detail. Film makers, artists and animators have found a way to energize my creativity, producing disproportionate results removed from their broader cultural impact. Akira Kurosawa, Katsuhiro Otomo, Bernie Wrightson, Steven Spielberg each taught me something about my creativity.

The final component to my personal asymmetrical creativity comes from the writers, those select few who put down words and excite my imagination with inspiration and sometimes envy. H.P. Lovecraft to Stephen King, Robert Heinlein, Edgar Alan Poe and Robert E. Howard, arrived with hammer blows of prose. They showed me the way of writing what you want, how you want, and never to be led by the heard. Instead go your own way, hack a new trail through the underbrush of mass-market-mediocrity. Perhaps your persistence will be rewarded. It matters not because if you’ve fought on the side of asymmetric inspiration your reward will be contentment with the journey.



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